#252 Ugly Heart

Hair - little bones. Year in Lists The Chapter Four NEW

Eyes - {S0NG} :: Toki Eyes Brown KUSTOM9 NEW

Teeth - [okkbye] Parted Lippy w/ Shading v2 Rhapsody NEW

Necklace - +Spellbound+ Cookie Necklaces Oh My Gacha NEW

Ring - *HolliPocket* Cutieh Tootieh Accessory-Set 1 MANGA FAIR NEW

Dress - EMPORIUM Cute Dress Candy Shop  NEW

Shoes - Amala - Jellies - Strawberry Milk RARE The Chapter Four NEW

Bag - Paperbag. Choco Grape  Oh My Gacha NEW

Giraffes - :FY: Cutie Patootie Giraffes MANGA FAIR NEW


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