#245 Call My Name

Hair - *Milk* Hair~ Summer Wine *Blondes* Coming to Rhapsody June 28 NEW

Eyeshadow - [okkbye] Hayfever Eyeshadow Rainbowliner

Earrings - :::LP::: Pyramid_Stud Earring KUSTOM9 NEW

Necklace and Ring - .Atomic. {Double Scoop} Jewelry Set Hello Sunshine NEW

Shirt - {.::GFD::.} ~ {MiMiMi Sexy Me} Shirt - Mesh Coming to Summer Jams June 27 NEW

Shorts - .iR. Denim Shorties (original)

Shoes - IAF Patent Heels - High Slink Feet (Lime) Soho Market NEW

Alien - [SWaGGa] Zorgie Exposed RARE Coming to Oh My Gacha NEW


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